A Generation is Gone

Superstar Krishna is gone. Along with him, a generation has disappeared as far as the film industry is concerned. If you think of the films of that generation, NTR, ANR, Shobhan Babu, and Krishnam Raju… come to mind. They are all gone. NTR left the world in 1996. Shobhan Babu breathed his last in 2008, ANR in 2014, and Krishnam Raju in 2022.

Krishna was the representative of that generation. Krishna has good relations with NTR, ANR, Shobhan Babu and Krishnam Raju. There is good friendship. Krishna has done films with all of them. Most of the movies were done with Sobhan Babu. Fans describe both of them as the Krishna Arjuns of the silver screen.

Even when Krishnam Raju died, Krishna spoke remembering the things of the past. Even after eighty years, he remembered and mentioned every aspect. Krishna is the only representative among the protagonists to share the memories of that generation. Now that he is also gone, it seems like a generation is gone.

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