A Lonely Mahesh Babu

No one can fill the gap without superstar Krishna. This is a big loss, especially for Mahesh Babu’s family.. 2022 left a very bitter experience in Mahesh Babu’s life. Mahesh has a lot of love for his elder brother Ramesh. This year Ramesh Babu died of liver failure during Corona. Later Mahesh’s mother Indira Devi breathed her last due to illness on September 28. The death of his father Krishna before he could recover from the pain of losing his mother

Father Krishna is Mahesh’s great love. The name of the father who spoke in any venue is mentioned. Mahesh’s favorite hero is also Krishna. Krishna was also very attentive to Mahesh’s films. All the box office collections of Mahesh’s movies were told like Krishna’s mouth calculations. Krishna loves family. Krishna brings everyone together for festivals and weekends. Krishna made it a tradition to invite everyone to his house at any festival or birthday. Even now, the absence of an elder who unites the family is an irreparable deficit for Mahesh.

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