Naga Shaurya Is Still In The Hospital..!

It is known that Naga Shaurya’s eyes fell back at the shooting spot on Monday. He is currently still in the hospital. Treatment is being taken under the supervision of doctors. He participated in the shooting of a movie on Monday. That’s an action scene. That was the scene where Nagashaurya had to show his six pack. For that, Naga Shaurya had to do serious exercises. Not only that… Nagashaurya did not even touch water for four days.

Close friends say that Naga Shaurya was very tired when he came to the set, he had to do the action scene with that and his eyes fell back due to that effect. He was immediately taken to a nearby hospital.. Doctors said that Shaurya had a viral fever attack. It is reported that he is still depressed. It is known that Shaurya will get married on the 20th of this month. Shaurya’s marriage with Anusha is going to take place in Bangalore. The wedding is not even 5 days away. In the meantime.. As this happened, Shaurya’s family members and relatives are worried.

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