Rajinikanth Baba movie re-release

The enjoyment of fans is full-on Josh because the movie is coming from Rajinikanth.A good news for such fans. A movie starring him is going to be released next month. But this is not Thalaiva’s new movie.. ‘Baba’ came twenty years ago. Coming to the audience once again in the form of a re-release. It is known that all the super hit movies of Tollywood star heroes have been re-released recently and are getting huge collections.

This movie is also going to be released once again. Otherwise, ‘Baba’ which came with huge expectations at that time turned out to be a disaster. But Rajini’s style and swag, his dialogues like ‘Baba count start’ have been whistled by the fans. Rahman’s music is another highlight. That’s why the team is confident that the re-release will definitely impress. It is planned to release on December 12 on the occasion of Rajinikanth’s birthday.

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