Rashmika has said that she is maintaining a  Good Relationship with her ex-boyfriends

Telugu Cinema News :Actress Rashmika has said that she has a good relationship with her ex-boyfriends as well. Rashmika, who is busy with a Bollywood project, responded about her ex-boyfriends in the promotion of the film Good Bye there. She said that she still has a good relationship with her ex-boyfriends.

Rashmika hasn’t said how much her ex-boyfriend is, but she says they are close enough to say hi if they meet. Not only close with them, but also with the family of her ex-boyfriends. Rashmika says that even if they break up in terms of love, there is no problem in getting along well.

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Rashmika got engaged to a Kannada actor at the beginning of her career. Before making her Telugu entry, she prepared for marriage and got engaged. However, there was a gap between the engagement and the marriage, and in that gap, her career suddenly picked up with the hits of Telugu films like Chalo ,Geetha Govindam. Rashmika seems to have reconsidered her decision. Taking care of her career, she postponed her marriage. The engagement was cancelled.
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