Teja Slaps Another Upcoming Hero

Teja… is his own brand in cinema. Teja has a reputation for experimenting with newcomers and scoring super hits. Till now, he has given almost 1000 actors and technicians to the cinema. Everyone believes that if Teja is making a film, the talent of new people will definitely come to light. However.. Teja also has a bad habit. On the set… getting hands on the actors. When the scene doesn’t get what he wants… he uses leverage.

He has admitted this many times. “Every minute on set is very important. If the shooting is delayed by someone, the producer will lose a lot. He will not tolerate that waste at all. That’s why there is no need to do it. All the people on the set are his disciples. So. he doesn’t even think it’s wrong”  Uday Kiran, Kajal, Navdeep… all of them have been hit with such brilliance. In every movie, one or two of them are hit by Teja’s hands.

Now Suresh Babu has produced the movie ‘Ahimsa’ with his son Abhiram as the hero. In this movie. For Abhiram also. Teja showed that taste.

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